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Monthly archive for April 2017

VIDEO: From ‘unmanageable’ to ‘perfect’

Sezar, a young, strong German shepherd puppy, would not listen. After a short time with Super Dog School, he became a perfect walking companion and the happy, well-mannered dog his pet parents had hoped!

Joe and Judy from Holly Hill, FL, called Super Dog School for help because their young, strong German shepherd puppy named Sezar would not listen to them. They were frustrated and unsure how to train or discipline him. He would jump on them, he put his teeth on them (puppy […]

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Children and dogs: It’s all about respect

Dog Obedience Training

It’s never too early to teach children that dogs are not toys, to be chased and grabbed. And it’s never too early to teach puppies that children are not littermates to be chased and nipped. This is Ella, a maltese puppy from DeLand, FL, with one of the three little […]

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Dog training in the heat

Super Dog Dakota, a golden doodle puppy from DeLand, FL, decides the best place to practice a down is on the air conditioning vent!

In this crazy Florida heat, you can train your dog safely inside the house. For instance, practice the place command by using multiple mats around the house. Send your dog from one to the other in a game I like to call “find place.” Work on indoor recalls by leaving […]

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VIDEO: ‘All of the problems were solved!’

Darling, a young, high-energy doodle had issues with pulling on the leash, reacting to other dogs, and settling down in the house.

Ryan became a client through a recommendation of a friend. He and his wife, Tracy, were having trouble with their young, high-energy doodle not listening, jumping and acting crazy in the house. And, since their condo in Palm Coast, FL, had no yard, leash walks were miserable. “Darling had issues […]

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