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Monthly archive for July 2019

All Eyes On You

Training in progress Squire
Look at the attention Squire is giving! This little beagle puppy is already learning to keep focus on his handler. The whole time he is doing this, there is a lot of attention coming right back … smiles, praise, food. Why is this important? Because a dog that is focused [...]Read more

Hello, Strange Creature!

Zeke hello strange creature
Here Zeke is trying to decide if he should make friends with this cat, or if he should be afraid. Super Dogs go to places where we can safely introduce other animals. No dog should automatically go into an attack or prey mentality, just because it sees a bird or [...]Read more

Calm and cool

Tobias Calm and Cool
Tobias was an energetic puppy who was all over the place, couldn’t walk on a leash, and certainly could not be calm. Today, he’s relaxing in front of a busy plaza like a pro. Training gives your dog freedom: Dogs with good manners get to go places. When Super Dogs [...]Read more

Best Use of the Dog Park

Bear best use of the dog park
This is Bear, a mixed-breed puppy, learning how to ignore other dogs who are playing on the other side of the fence. Bear is not quite ready to be completely leash-free, so we are using a long leash for now. Super Dog School does a lot of training at dog [...]Read more

Great Behavior

Great Behavior Otis
Otis knew that when he saw his teacher, even though it had been a few months, he should go right to his Place. Most dogs can learn a default behavior-- something they do because they are sure it’s always going to get them the good stuff: praise, affection, treats! For [...]Read more