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Could my dog ever be as good as a service dog?

service-super-dogYou see them more and more: dogs with jobs. Sometimes their task is obvious, like guiding the blind. Others are serving less-obvious needs. But they have one thing in common: They are out in public, ignoring what is going on around them and focusing on their handler.
Your dog can too!

Once you give your dog the “job” of focusing on your lead, he will realize when it’s time to be calm and respectful. If your dog is paying attention to you, he won’t be fussing at the dog walking toward you.

For generations, people have been breeding dogs to make their lives easier. Whether it’s herding livestock, pulling a sled, hunting and retrieving game, or keeping rats away, the dog’s DNA is still active. Inside your couch-potato is a working dog just waiting for a job!

Super Dog School can show you how to harness that desire to become a true working team.

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