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Is your dog overprotective of you?

IMG_1344We all want to feel our best friend will leap to our defense in times of trouble, but some dogs get confused about what trouble really is. The next thing you know, he’s going ballistic at an oncoming skateboard or bicycle or he’s snarling if a friend gets too close to you. It seems like everything is perceived as a threat.

Imagine what that’s like for your dog: Constantly being on edge, stressed out, with this great burden of responsibility to keep you safe from the whole world. No wonder things are getting ugly!

You always want your dog to be responsible TO you, not FOR you.

You need to be in charge, to let him know it’s not OK to create this wall around you. You will let him know if you need protecting and he’s not to decide for himself.

Once you establish that he’s not responsible for you, and that his job is to follow your lead, a great weight will be lifted and calmness will replace panic.

It’s not difficult to achieve this shift in responsibility. Just a bit of training and clear communication that the skateboard is not evil. Super Dog School can help you do this quickly and easily.

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