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Top Training Tools for Super Dog School

Here at Super Dog School, we know good dog training relies on plenty of good tools to help. When we find something that we use to make our lives and our dogs’ lives better, we like to share it with you. Nobody is paying us to do this. It’s just sharing an opinion.

So many people struggle with crate training. It doesn’t have to be that way. If your dog learns that every time — every time! — he goes in his crate, something good is about to happen, he won’t be afraid to do so.

Try adding a treat-stuffed toy to the crate routine. Reserve this toy for only the crate and pick it up when you let the dog out of the crate.

We love this little Squirrel Dude toy made by PetSafe. He is a dog’s best friend! Although he comes in various sizes, the opening seems to be just large enough to stuff, but small enough to keep your dog working at it for a good, long time. It comes with “Treat Meter prongs” to help hold in the treats. After so many uses, some of those seem to be missing from our Dudes, but no matter.

Try using carrot chips (they are carrots cut like potato chips but they bend) and freeze-dried lamb. You’ll need something bigger than kibble. Just squeeze the sides together to make the opening a bit wider and wedge it in there tightly.

Next to Squirrel Dude, you’ll usually find Barnacle. Who came up with this adorable design? It has three openings of various sizes and is even more challenging.

Super Dog School in Port Orange, FL is a big fan of these toys and encourages everyone to give them a try. They are available at most big-box pet stores and online.

They have been extremely durable here, but we would love to hear how they hold up for you. Drop us a comment at with your story about using stuffed dog crate treats.

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