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Preventing Separation Anxiety

Rocky is demonstrating perfect crate behavior! He needed a little help to achieve this calm state because he is developing separation anxiety every time his dad person walks away. While it’s really flattering to think our dogs love us so much they can’t live without us, it’s really very, very unhealthy. It also can lead to a dog who destroys things when we are away, who tries to break out of crates or even the house, hurts himself, and causes stomach upset and diarrhea. Anxiety can be learned, but so can calmness. That’s why teaching a healthier state of mind benefits so many ramped up dogs. When Rocky is in his crate, he is free to relax, eat, chew toys but he is not allowed to fuss when people leave the room and he is not allowed to rush out when the door is open. He’s just a puppy, but this is a lesson that will benefit him his whole life. A+, Rocky!