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Super Dog School Welcomes Leia!

Leia, on the right,, a 1-year-old mixed-breed, gets photobombed by pack brother Elvis. Once Elvis saw how much fun Leia was having learning the Place command, he had to get in on the action! Super Dog School was called because Leia has a big problem with other dogs who aren’t in her own pack. In dog-training terms, it’s called “reactivity.” Really it should be called over-reactivity, because it makes walking her impossible and frightens the neighbors when Leia barks and lunges at dogs she sees. While she has had some successful obedience training in the past, she hasn’t learned about good behavior. She needs to learn impulse control and calmness. Teaching a dog to walk calmly past other dogs starts in the home, before the first step out the door. Once she has mastered Place, Leave It, and a true, structured walk, then we can start introducing other dogs.