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We’d love to chat with you about your dog. You can call, text or email so we can help you figure out a plan to get you the results you want and the dog of your dreams.

Trainer: Ruth Oneufer
Phone: (386) 341-8407
Email: [email protected]

Super Dog School is located in Port Orange, FL | Volusia County

Because Super Dog School’s puppy training programs are individual and in your home, we can start as soon as you bring your puppy home! Early training will help you get the home and environment set up for success. All of the foundation training can be done away from other dogs and by the time your puppy has had all the proper shots, he will already know how to behave in public.

Right where you need your dog to behave! Usually that is in and around your home, but it can include other areas where you need to have a well-mannered dog. We have trained dogs to be good in offices, warehouses, RVs, and the homes of relatives. As your dog gains skills, we will be training in more challenging environments, such as crowds, parks, restaurants and popular dog-walking sites.

We believe you and your dog will benefit from one-on-one individual attention, so there are no group classes. You will be learning new skills with your dog, so we want to coach you every step of the way. We believe a well-socialized dog is one who is comfortable ignoring other dogs and people, and not pulling toward them to visit or even fight. Once your dog learns that seeing strangers and strange dogs is no big deal, you can take him anywhere.

We are so confident in the Super Dog School method, we guarantee the behaviors will last. If, for some reason, your dog ever forgets a command, we will reteach it. If you have a specific need for a behavior outside of our normal training programs, we will assure you if this is something we can guarantee or not. We will never promise what we can’t deliver.

We do a full program of manners, rather than individual visits, because almost all bad behavior is not caused by one thing. Teaching the dog to live in a permission-based relationship with you will ensure you get the results you want so you will never have to call another trainer later. We spend half the time training your puppy and half the time training you. We don’t expect you to be a dog trainer. We make it easy for you to succeed. And we guarantee results.