My husband and I would like to thank Ruth Oneufer for a job so well done! We first came to Ruth with our 1-year old Doberman puppy, Luca, completely exhausted and on the verge of insanity. We were extremely disheartened due to having previously taken Luca to a different month-long (!!) training facility in another part of Florida that ended up being completely unsuccessful. Such a disappointment.Super Dog Luca

Luca had many issues, including severe anxiety, (including really bad separation anxiety), refusing to be crated, racing, running up to the front steps and hurling his body up against the front door (he learned this by watching our Min pin do this just even a few times, especially when it was raining; it’s amazing how puppies are like a sponge; they absorb and learn so much just from watching other dogs) and through the house like a freight train, trampling everything in his path, chewing and eating blankets, clothing (basically, anything within his reach…so dangerous to his health) not knowing how to go for a proper walk on a leash, the potential for real aggression with our Min pin, Prince, and equally as important, stalking our 3 precious cats, which could be a deal breaker if we couldn’t get him under control.

We love our baby boy so much, and are so completely committed to him that we were willing to try anything at this point. At first, we were very leery of leaving Luca for another 2 weeks straight, but Ruth assured us that this was what would ensure that Luca’s old habits would eventually be just that. Old habits that would soon be in the past. She cared about us too, not just Luca! She knew how important he was to us, and how seriously we took this terrible situation we found ourselves in. She comforted us nearly every single day with her webcam, daily emails, pictures, and videos.

We put our COMPLETE faith and trust in Ruth, and are so thankful that it has paid off. Ruth is a very patient trainer, and Luca loved her and respected her. She brought him home Saturday and, although we ran through just a couple rough patches of Luca wanting to return to his old habits within the first few days home, Ruth came right away to our home, thankfully stayed with us for hours, and taught us and Luca exactly what to do and now, for the first time EVER, as of Thursday night, Luca is FINALLY sleeping like a baby through the entire night in his crate. Hurray Luca!

Super Dog PrinceWe also even sent our Min pin, Prince, to be with Ruth for a week, and although Prince is 10, he is even showing positive signs of improvement for an old guy. Had Ruth had more time, he’d even be better, but she has given us the tools to communicate with our dogs on a much higher level. She has taught us how to speak the language of our dogs. prince-super-dog-schoolWe couldn’t have done this without you, Ruth Oneufer! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We will continue to work with Luca and are now so excited about our future with him, Prince, and the cats, who he pretty much could care less about now (the feeling is mutual from the cats…PERFECT! They are no longer afraid of him, and the majority of the time, he is no longer stalking them. This will only improve with time, as we are seeing each day). As planned, we will see you again very soon for a visit with the boys to check in! Take care, and BEST of luck with your next clients!

— Pete & Shannon