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Why do dogs misbehave?

Because dogs do what works! They are very skilled at getting their needs met, and sometimes, that means doing things you don’t like. For instance, if a dog wants attention and barks in his crate, chances are you will go to him to reprimand him. All he knows is that […]

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Meeting other dogs

If you were walking down the sidewalk and you saw a person acting crazy coming your way, struggling to get to you, would you want to meet him? You’d probably cross the street to get distance between you and this weird-acting person. You’d probably be a little afraid and ready […]

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Could my dog ever be as good as a service dog?

You see them more and more: dogs with jobs. Sometimes their task is obvious, like guiding the blind. Others are serving less-obvious needs. But they have one thing in common: They are out in public, ignoring what is going on around them and focusing on their handler. Your dog can […]

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