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Why Training In Your Home Is Best

What is it the advantage of having a professional dog trainer that comes to your home? After all, most people already know enough about puppies and dogs to teach the basics: sit, stay or maybe shake paw. Most dogs enjoy learning things and have fun with these activities. Many people […]

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Leave It means don’t look at it, don’t touch it, don’t bark at it

Here is Angus on his first session learning the Leave It command. When we want a dog to stop barking at other dogs, to stay away from the food on the counter, to not touch something, to not even look at something, we use the Leave It command. First, we […]

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Children and dogs: It’s all about respect

It’s never too early to teach children that dogs are not toys, to be chased and grabbed. And it’s never too early to teach puppies that children are not littermates to be chased and nipped. This is Ella, a maltese puppy from DeLand, FL, with one of the three little […]

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Dog training in the heat

Super Dog Dakota, a golden doodle puppy from DeLand, FL, decides the best place to practice a down is on the air conditioning vent!

In this crazy Florida heat, you can train your dog safely inside the house. For instance, practice the place command by using multiple mats around the house. Send your dog from one to the other in a game I like to call “find place.” Work on indoor recalls by leaving […]

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A thinking puppy is a good puppy

When we ask dogs to think, to figure out what we want, that is exercise for the brain. Just as running a dog leaves them happily tired, so does training. This big girl (Sydney, an English mastiff from Port Orange, Fla.) is only 6 months old, and like most puppies, […]

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Purebred vs Mixed

I often get asked, which is “better” — a purebred dog or a mutt? Let’s look first at health issues. A well-bred purebred dog is less likely to have health issues than a mixed-breed dog, but a mix is likely to be healthier than a poorly bred purebred. Let me […]

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Top Training Tools for Super Dog School

top training toys for Super Dog School

Here at Super Dog School, we know good dog training relies on plenty of good tools to help. When we find something that we use to make our lives and our dogs’ lives better, we like to share it with you. Nobody is paying us to do this. It’s just […]

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Why does training your dog work to solve multiple behavior issues?

Because as pack animals, dogs are team players! They want to know at all times what is good for the team and what is not. The problem is, most people don’t know how to “talk” to their dogs in a way they understand. Once you find a way to communicate […]

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Is your dog overprotective of you?

We all want to feel our best friend will leap to our defense in times of trouble, but some dogs get confused about what trouble really is. The next thing you know, he’s going ballistic at an oncoming skateboard or bicycle or he’s snarling if a friend gets too close […]

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Why does your dog pull on the leash?

Dogs all have something called “opposition reflex.” That’s a fancy way of saying, when you pull or push one way, the dog can’t help but pull the other! It’s how they’re wired. Go ahead, try it. Gently push on your dog’s shoulder… you’ll feel him pushing back. Push a bit […]

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