What is it the advantage of having a professional dog trainer that comes to your home?

After all, most people already know enough about puppies and dogs to teach the basics: sit, stay or maybe shake paw. Most dogs enjoy learning things and have fun with these activities. Many people go to group classes where they learn basic leash skills

Why Training In Your Home Is Best

American Staffordshire Terrier Hank and Boxer Louie play so much, it can get out of control. They also need to know how to simply relax together.

and simple obedience commands.

But when behaviors crop up that are rude (jumping on people), embarrassing (barking at people or other dogs), or downright dangerous (running out the door), it may be more than an owner can handle on their own or through a group classes or by sending it away for training. Sometimes, it’s as simple as “the dog won’t listen to ME.”

This is where one-on-one private training can zero in on those behaviors that are affecting the families’ quality of life.

With private training in the home, it’s much easier to achieve the goals each individual has for their dogs and puppies. For instance, maybe the dog pulls on the leash when it sees a certain dog in the neighborhood, but is okay when away from the home. Or worse, the dog acts aggressive toward other dogs in his territory.

Or maybe the dog is chasing the family cat, needs to learn how to stay in the yard, is getting the owner in trouble by barking in the condo, or any number of individual behaviors that go beyond basic obedience.

Super Dog School comes to you, serving Oak Hill, Edgewater, New Smyrna Beach, DeLand, Deltona, the greater Daytona Beach area, Flagler Beach, Palm Coast and neighborhoods in Volusia and Flagler counties. Once we determine a program of action, then together we can address all the issues each person in the family has concerns about.

Training beyond obedience, into behavior modification and manners, is what makes a Good Dog!