Why do dogs misbehave?Because dogs do what works! They are very skilled at getting their needs met, and sometimes, that means doing things you don’t like.

For instance, if a dog wants attention and barks in his crate, chances are you will go to him to reprimand him. All he knows is that his barking brought you. It worked.

Pay attention to the reaction you have to your dog’s behaviors. Are you teaching him things you didn’t really want to teach? You train your dog with every interaction.

If he paws at you, do you pet him? If he jumps when you are feeding him, do you hurry and put the bowl down? Whining at the table? Oh, one little bite will make him stop, right?

Use every interaction as a way to reinforce calm, respectful behavior. If he paws at you for petting, ask him to sit first. Reward him for sitting, not pawing. If he begs, send him to a place away from the table and treat him only for staying there.

Super Dog School believes that every dog should have the “job” of being a respectful family member. No meal, walk or affection is given when the dog is acting up. We can teach your dog how to earn his place in your world, simply and with games your dog will love.

Then he’ll know what really works!