Super Dog BearThis is Bear, a mixed-breed puppy, learning how to ignore other dogs who are playing on the other side of the fence. Bear is not quite ready to be completely leash-free, so we are using a long leash for now. Super Dog School does a lot of training at dog parks, but always on the outside or in a section that is not being used at the time. We use the distraction of other dogs at play to teach dogs to come when called, first with a leash and then with no leash. Dog parks offer a special challenge for those who want to let their dogs play with other dogs and run free. While it seems like a great idea on the surface, there is a real chance of your dog getting injured by untrained dogs. If you are not 100 percent sure your dog will come when you call, NO MATTER WHAT is going on, you aren’t ready to go inside. If a scuffle breaks out, most dogs will run into the fight, and most owners will start yelling and trying to get their dogs to listen, but most won’t have any control. Once you have that off-leash control, then you can decide if the park is right for you. A+, Bear!