Look Into My EyesTobias has the perfect eyes to demonstrate the Watch command. In this photo, we are in a busy park where school kids gather to get their rides, so there is a lot of commotion with people, cars and bicycles going by. Tobias is a very good dog, but he can suddenly turn snappy if he is triggered by something going by him. This is called “prey drive” and it’s very common in dogs who have the DNA to herd livestock. We need to make sure that Tobias can put and keep his focus on his owner when they are around joggers, kids, or anything moving past. For this we teach Watch. This command is quite easy for most dogs when there are no distractions, but for it to be effective, he needs to be able to do this under any conditions. It takes some practice, but this is one of the most useful commands a dog can have. Because if their eyes are on you, they aren’t on something that will get them into trouble. A+, Tobias!