Coming When CalledTobias is learning how to come when called from a distance. Once a dog will come to you even without a leash, it allows more freedom for the dog to chase a ball or frisbee without fear that he will run away. Right now, we are using a long leash in a safe space until he knows he must come EVERY time he is called, no matter what is going on. Eventually, we will take the leash away and make sure his recall is reliable around distractions. It does take a lot of practice to get a dog turning away from something interesting and running back at you, but it’s definitely fun for him during the process. We are using a combination of training techniques here, including his favorite treat. In dog training language, this is called the recall, and you’ll often hear trainers talk about “a bomb-proof recall,” which has nothing to do with bombs, and everything to do with your dog being The Bomb. And every dog should have this skill mastered before ever going to a dog park. That way, if trouble breaks out, instead of joining in, you’ll be able to call him away. A+, Tobias!