Progress on the WalkNik has never been able to walk on a leash without pulling so hard, it was nearly impossible to hold him back and made walking miserable. He has been dragging his owners to every scent and marking wherever he wants to. So for him to be doing this well is amazing! But learning to walk properly with a dog is a two-way street. His owners are so used to physically holding him back, it is very hard for them to walk with the leash held loosely. Old habits die hard. Dogs have an oppositional reflex: When you push, they push back. When you pull, they pull the other way. So pulling back on his leash only makes him lean into it more. Everybody is learning together. And Nik shouldn’t be stopping every few steps to mark. He needs to follow the command to walk until his owners decide where he can stop and sniff. This develops a leadership position for his owners and teaches him impulse control. A+, Nik!