Super Dog GinoGino is a 5 year old Boxer with a very dangerous habit. For the most part, he’s a goofy, loving guy. But once he gets too excited, such as when he sees somebody outside or at the door, he uses his teeth. He usually bites his pack mate, another boxer, but he has actually bitten his owners in his excitement. In dog training terms, this is called “redirected aggression” and it comes from too much “arousal” or the wrong kind of excitement. The program for Gino will include learning a different way to act when he sees something that triggers the biting, and new habits at the door, for starters. All Super Dogs also get stronger in the basics: how to act properly in the house, on a leash, or outside and how to relax. These reminders will be key to teaching Gino to follow instruction from his owners and not his amped-up instincts.