Dog training in Volusia, Flagler, Central Florida.

Revisiting a Super Dog

This is Taffy. She’s a Super Dog who has done very well with her training. One of the best things about training with Super Dog School is that some of the training programs include visits for as long as owners need. So if any little thing comes up after going through the lessons, families can call and get a visit, an adjustment in their training gear, or just some advice. And I love getting to see my client doggies again! I build a relationship with every dog I teach and all of them have a place in my heart. So when I see them all grown up and a lovely addition to their families, it is very fulfilling to me. It also lets me see that owners get that training doesn’t ever stop. It becomes part of the daily life of the dog and its people. Good manners are always expected and not just something that people do for school. A+, Taffy!