Super Dog MaxMax is an 11-week-old Golden Retriever puppy, all fuzzy and silly and adorable! There is no reason to wait to train a puppy like this. He is already learning things, so we might as well direct him to learn the things we want. Lessons are short, fun and include eating his meals. As much as possible, his kibble will be used to lure him into Sit, Down, Stand, Place, Come and any other thing that will engage him and encourage him to offer good behaviors. We want him to work for part of the meal, and then anything that’s left should go in the crate. I like to put it into a toy or just scatter it on the bottom of the crate. Max has a lot to learn, including housebreaking (potty training), being comfortable and calm in his crate, and keeping those sharp little teeth to himself. The most important thing is creating a puppy that grows into a confident, well-mannered addition to the family!